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Smoker friends, here is your new secret weapon: the Medusafilters Rolling Tray. This smart helper not only ensures order in your smoking accessories, but also brings a touch of class to your smoking corner with its stylish design. Enjoy the pure luxury of an organized smoke!


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A rolling tray that convinces

Our rolling tray is not just an accessory, it is a statement. With its minimalist design and the unmistakable Medusafilters logo, it will be an eye-catcher on every table. It is made of sturdy stainless steel, durable and easy to clean - perfect for everyday use. And with its compact dimensions of 13.7cm x 17.5cm x 1.4cm, it ensures a clean and clear organization of your smoking accessories.

Rolling Trays

Our advantages - your smoking experience

What makes our rolling tray different from others on the market? Quite simply, it's the attention to detail and consideration of the needs of every smoker that makes it stand out. In addition to its unique design and high-quality workmanship, it offers a flat surface that is perfect for preparing your herbs. The rounded corners also make pouring easier and prevent leftovers from getting stuck in the corners.

But that is not all. Our tray is sized so that it fits comfortably in your backpack or bag. So you can easily take it with you to parties, picnics or to friends. It's sturdy enough to withstand everyday use and elegant enough to look good on any table. With our rolling tray, every session becomes an experience.

Rolling Trays

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In ourHead shopNot only will you find an excellent product at a fair price, but you will also enjoy an all-round successful shopping experience. With us you get freeShipmentfrom a purchase value of 40€ within Germany and from 80€ also internationally. Every order is lovingly hand-packed by us and provided with goodies. OurCustomer serviceis always available for you and will help you with any questions or concerns.

We have also been a proud gold sponsor of the German Hemp Association since 2022 and are actively committed to raising awareness and legalizing cannabis. When you buy our rolling tray, you are not only supporting a company, but also an important cause. Discover the smoking experience on a new level with Medusafilters!

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