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Wir produzieren in Deutschland und erfüllen hohe Qualitätsstandards.

Nachhaltige Produktion

Wir produzieren unsere Aktivkohlefilter nachhaltig und mit Solarstrom in der Region.

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Jede Bestellung wird von uns liebevoll handverpackt und mit Goodies versehen.

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Ab 40€ Einkaufswert innerhalb Deutschlandsund ab 80€ international.


geben dir das Gefühl eines „Tips“, haben aber die Vorteile von einem Aktivkohlefilter!

Zu den Aktivkohlefiltern


Die Aktivkohle bindet durch Adsorption schädliche Partikel an sich. Dieser Prozess reduziert nicht nur die Menge an inhalierten Toxinen, sondern kann auch den Rauchgeschmack verbessern.


Die veganen Fasercaps reduzieren die Teer und Nikotinaufnahme beim Rauchen. Sie fangen schädliche Partikel auf, mildern den Rauch und schützen die Lunge. Ebenfalls werden keine Tröpfchen durchgelassen.


Durch die hybride Filterung der Medusafilters bleibt der Großteil der Schadstoffe im Filter. Was ankommt ist schadstoffärmerer und kühler Rauch ohne Kompromisse.



Also keine Sorge - alles was durchkommen soll, kommt auch durch.



Das auch an kalten Tagen!

Idyllischer Nadelwald bewölkt. Lokale Produktion, SolarstromMedusafilters Aktivkohlefilter Tipsize 6mm in Herzform in der Hand gehalten

Environmentally friendly production in Germany

Our filters are produced sustainably and with solar power in the region. On top of that, we only use the best materials from the area to offer you the most sustainable filter possible.

Benefits / advantages

Here you can see a direct comparison of why you should choose the premium activated carbon filter from Medusafilters.


Medusa filters

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Constipated in the cold?



Does droplets pass?



Does the effect of the herbs filter?


In most cases

Grinder, paper, activated carbon filter & more

With a wide range of products such as activated carbon filters , activated carbon filters slim , papers and long papers , we manage to cover every need. Our team is always available to support you with questions and other concerns. We deliver quickly, discreetly and even free of charge from an order value of 40€ within Germany and 80€ internationally.

The online head shop for your smoking pleasure

With passion for smoking supplies, Medusafilters presents a unique range that ranges from activated carbon and rolling papers to stylish accessories such as metal ashtrays and ceramic grinders . We know that every smoker is unique and has different needs. We therefore attach particular importance to offering products that meet a wide range of requirements.

Our tip size activated carbon filters offer a pure and genuine taste, while our selection of papers , long papers and rolling papers are ideal for those who like to roll their own. Our stylish metal ashtray , the handy clipper lighter and our efficient ceramic grinder round off our range and bring a touch of luxury to your smoking experience.

Now you too can buy from Medusafilters

Medusafilters is a proud gold sponsor of the German Hemp Association and actively contributes to the education and legalization of cannabis. Your purchase from us not only supports us, but also this important mission. We believe in the benefits of cannabis and strive for a future where cannabis can be enjoyed freely and without prejudice. Our dedicated customer service team is available via email or phone and is ready to answer any questions you may have or to help you choose the smoking supplies that are right for you.

We also offer free shipping from a purchase value of €40 within Germany and from €80 internationally. Every order is lovingly hand-packed by us and provided with special goodies. Discover the world of smoking needs with Medusafilters - your top-class online head shop.

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