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Medusafilters packages are for those who want it easy and cheap. Here we present you bundles of activated carbon filters, long papers and smoking accessories that make the decision for you. The best thing about our packages? You can save up to 30%!


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Simple Paket ORGANIC 2 mal Medusafilters 50er Packung ORGANIC 3 mal Longpapes Unbleached
Simple pack
Sale price€17,14
Starter Paket mit 50er Packung ORGANIC und Longpapers Unbleached und Spike Grinder
Starter package
Sale price€31,25
Supreme Paket 250er ORGANIC Packung Clipper BLACK 128 Longpapers Unbleached Spike Grinder
Supreme Package
Sale price€60,49
Simple Paket VIOLET - Medusafilters
Simple package VIOLET
Sale price€17,14